Report Explores Urbanization Trends in Commercial Real Estate

With experience in commercial real estate and investment management, Kevin Fitzgerald led U.S. Advisor, LLC (dba US Advisors, LLC), and Overseas Investor Services, LLC, before assuming responsibilities as the CEO of Global Capital Advisors, LLC, located in San Francisco. Kevin Fitzgerald stays current on topics with the real estate investment industry by monitoring reports and updates in his field.

According to a recent report from CBRE Global Investors, macro trends support the continued growth of urbanization and a sustained demand for properties located in urban areas. The report states that investors have become increasingly confident in urban investment due to lower vacancies and strong rent growth in recent years. However, the CBRE Global Investors report states that urban investing can be challenging and that it is extremely important to select the right site for investment or development. The reports explains that preferred locations offer positive projections for strong demand, rent growth, occupancy, liquidity, and marketability.

When looking to invest in an urban property, the report recommends that investors focus on attractive-looking properties with “old bones,” as such buildings draw in potential residents of various ages. The report also notes that an ideal property sits on a well-traveled street and provides access to public transportation and other amenities.


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