EB-5 Visa Opportunities for Real Estate Investors, by Kevin Fitzgerald

The EB-5 visa program provides a streamlined path to United States citizenship for foreign investors. Initially introduced in 1990, the program has swelled in popularity in recent years because of two factors: the weakness in the U.S. housing market and the program’s job-creation requirement.

In order to qualify for an EB-5 visa, an individual must invest at least $1 million, or at least $500,000 in an economically troubled area, and that investment must create a minimum of 10 permanent jobs. In return, the investor receives a green card, which confers permanent resident status and can lead to citizenship.

Since the collapse of the housing market that launched the recession, foreign investors have flocked to EB-5 visa opportunities in distressed U.S. housing markets. These investments benefit all parties: communities enjoy increased employment and an influx of investment, and investors are able to secure property in the United States, along with improved odds of obtaining citizenship.

About the Author
As CEO of U.S. Advisors, Kevin Fitzgerald managed real estate acquisitions worth billions of dollars.