The Success of Napa Square

When project developer CDI LLC approached U.S. Advisors in 2006 about developing business and retail space in downtown Napa, California, we agreed to participate in the project, designed to provide upscale shops and places for financial-sector businesses to establish themselves. The project was called Napa Square.

When the recession hit, the plans for Napa Square shifted, but the project itself remained on task. When Napa Square opened in 2009, the participating retailers included more restaurants than upscale boutiques. Gradually, though, other businesses (including a fine arts gallery, a real estate agent, and a high-end cookery store) moved into the square.

In 2010, Napa Square and its creators won a “Top Projects” award from the North Bay Business Journal in the mixed-use category. In an announcement about the prize, the Journal recognized the crucial role of Napa Square’s developers in continuing to invest in Napa’s economic future despite the difficult financial climate that gripped the country during the project’s execution.

About Kevin Fitzgerald

During his tenure as CEO of U.S. Advisors, Mr. Fitzgerald engaged in a number of real estate investment projects and joint ventures, including the creation of Napa Square.


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